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About the Tivoli Institute

The Institute, which has offices in Galway and Dublin, also offers a 3 year professional training course in psychotherapy designed to provide a recognised qualification with a strong practical as well as theoretical basis. Details of the courses are available on request.

The Institute offers a Foundation course in psychotherapy designed to provide the theory, skills and personal development experience necessary to be considered for a professional training course.

Tivoli Institute Staff include:

Janet Murray
B.A., H. Dip. Ed., M.Sc., IFCAPP
Trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at Trinity College Dublin and in
Gestalt and body oriented psychotherapy iin London. She is an accredited
member of The Irish Forum for Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. She
currently maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist and supervisor.

Edward Boyne
B.A., H. Dip. Ed., Dip. Psychotherapy, M.A., M. Phil., MIACP, MIAHIP
Has been a trainer of psychotherapists since 1990 as well as maintaining a
private practice as a psychotherapist and superviser. He is editor of
'Psychotherapy in Ireland' (Columba Press, 1993). He was recently (Aug 2003)
appointed by the Minister for Health and Children to an 'Expert Group' which
will develop a new policty for mental health services in Ireland for the
next 20 years.

Medical Associate

Professor Bill Shannon, Professor of General Practice and Dean of Medical
Education, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). Bill Shannon heads
the Department of General Practice at RCSI and has a long time interest in
undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.